Monday, April 30, 2007

New @ Winter Moon

New outfit I made...first I made it as lingerie, then thought I should add some other things, to make it more complete, so here it is! Perky set, named because of the obvious. Comes with tank top and undies, in five colors, a pair of dingy, open front jeans, and two lacy gloves to match, one black, one white that's tintable. All this for $L250!

Even though it's all ready to go for sale, I still have to wait on being invited back to Cani's group, which won't be until tomorrow, so those who actual like this will have to drool over it until then. Sorry! :P

Welcome to the Winter Moon Blog!

Hi there. This blog is dedicated to the Second Life clothing business, Winter Moon, created by Arbel Vogel.

Winter Moon was founded in early 2005, and still going! Winter Moon is now residing in the Canimal Sim, owned by Canimal Zephyr.

There are many styles to choose from, whether it be street, casual, dainty, trashy, or just plain odd, whatever the mood is, Winter Moon will provide, at very low prices!

If you have any questions, please IM me, and I will answer ASAP. A few rules though:

- I don't do customs, I do take suggestions.
- If I don't answer your IM within a few days, my inbox might have been full, so please send a notecard with your question just to be sure I've recieved it.
- I'm very lenient when it comes to refunds. But I hate being taken advantage of. Just be sure to have the correct information (item, transaction number, etc)...I do look at my history.
- All of my items are no transfer. So yes, either IM me or leave a notecard with the item's name, name of the person you want to give it to, and as an option, when you would like this person to get it. There have been people who asked to send it on their birthday, anniversary, etc.

Blogwise, this blog will be used for business purposes only. Unlike my last blog, I won't be putting anymore personal information/thoughts...those I save for my good friends. Exception is if I'm not gonna be around SL for a while and I need to inform those who frequent here. So, this will be product updates, product progress, or product ideas only.

Now that's out the way, let the fun begin! :P