Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Group Gift Just Cause

Just some makeup I did awhile ago (it's on the Valentine Hoodie Dollarbie ad) and now I'm releasing it to my adoring public. Also I created a new skintone (H20), because I'm silly like that. A bit darker than Lf0, and it's perfect for me, so I hope it's great for you too! I'll make the other makeups I did before available on the new tone, and release it soon, but for now enjoy this, just search and join the Winter Moon Update Group. Thanks!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Actual Release OMG

Wow, it's about time! I figured I should do something this weekend. So here's an outfit that I'm enjoying right now, called Wildflower.
This outfit comes with a vest and corset, which can be worn on one layer or separate layers, I made it versatile just for you! The corset comes with hanging prim bra straps.
The vintage skirt is so ruffly and cute, I like how it turned out. To finish it off I decided to use rope as a belt.
Also, I wanted to try something new, and that is to add a coordinating makeup with almost every outfit I make from now on, using Eloh's Another Skin. This makeup mod has browns, greens, purples and pinks, and also has freckles as an option. So tp to Koreshan and pick this up, and to keep up with my releases, join the Winter Moon Update Group! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Change and a Gift!

So I am no longer using Subscribe O'Matic for my store update group, budget's running a bit small, so I have to give up some things. But fear not, I have made another update group the old fashioned way, and invited my current subscribers to it. Yes, I went through each and every one of you on my subscriber's list and invited that's dedication!

And for you lovelies who stuck around for the ride, I gave out a small gift, it is the week of Valentines after all! Just an Another Skin Mod by me, with lots of pink, but made with lots of love *gag*. I made it for the Cf0, Lf0, and Ff0 bases, with freckles as an option!

For those who are on my list and for some reason didn't get my invite, I apologize, but you can still join by searching under "Winter Moon" and my update group should pop up, or it SHOULD, and get the free gift. It's open enrollment, so actually anyone's welcome to join...and to grab the gift mongers, but it's ok, I still love ya :P