Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays from Winter Moon

I know it's a bit late, I guess better now than never eh? Well this holiday outfit is inspired from the movie "Elf", the one Miss Zooey Deschanel wears. Comes with with top with prim neck cuff and sleeves, bottoms and prim skirt, a mall name tag, and subtle striped socks.

Accessorize with:

Skin: Tuli
Hair: Kin
Shoes: Shiny Things
Hat: Chicanery

And also, I had to upgrade my Subscribe OMatic account again! Because the group has reached over 500 members! This does make me a happy Arbel! I hope when things calm down in the RL I can give out more gifts and have more releases! Have a Merry Christmas everyone :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Arbel le stupid

Ok, hi! Unfortunately those who just joined my update group will have to wait until the evening to get thier gift, because of dumb ol' me, I forgot to change the permissions on my object, thus it can't redeliver. Bang bang goes my head on the desk, haha. I'll be at my computer later on this evening to fix the problem, until then, hang in there, and I'm SO SORRY!

UPDATE: Omg you guys are crazy, there are now over 100 members in the group, and I was forced to upgrade it to 200 members max now. ;P Shame on you!!! Besides that, the item delivery problem is now fixed....hopefully....I can't test it out at the moment, but if any problems come up, just IM me. Thanks for your patience! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Ok, well I managed to get a few things done this week:

- I got my Winter Moon Group up and running! Just pop over to the store and click on the Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk to join. For now the group can hold 100 members, and right now 12 has signed up! Expect updates, sales announcements, and free exclusive gifts! Actually my first gift is out, to celebrate the start of the group. *points to left*

- I also got a store card system up for the store! Now everyone can shop happily for the holidays! The card system is from Together Designs by Escort Defarge! Easy to setup, great customer service, and it works really well. Any business looking for something like this, this is it. Click on the card vendor in my store for more information.

I think that's it for now. Things have been so crazy in Rl, I'm surprised I got this done. But keep checking in! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

8 Random Things...

I got le tagged!!!!!

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1: My pet chinchilla, Chibi, is the first pet I had ever owned (minus family pets). You know the saying, "If you can take care of a plant, then you can take care of a pet, if you can take care of a pet, then you can take care of a child"? Well....all the plants I had DIED! But Chibi is still alive after 9 months, so I guess I'm good.

2: I LOOOOOVE sushi! And I'm willing to try anything new in that department. Last new thing I tried was a roll of salmon eggs wrapped in seaweed with a raw quail's egg on top. Interesting to say the least.

3: I'm a caffiene o-holic. There are times I just drink that and not water for a few days, and yes I pay dearly for it.

4: My husband sent me a package; four bags of personalized M&Ms with the saying "I Love U Munky". It's the sweetest thing ever and I vowed not to eat them so I can treasure this gift....This was a month ago, I'm almost done eating the third bag now...

5: I buy video games even though I don't plan to play them in the near future. Or at most play the first five minutes then never touch them again.

6: I've been playing World of Warcraft the past few months. Got my character to 70, got bored and quit.

7: My Chemical Romance is my crack, does a band count as one on the "freebie shag" list? Sorry, they are all hot.

8: I own more computer/programming/software literature than actual literature.

Alright, who to tag? I choose Katy Angel, , Satine Dot, Candi Honey, Yuuki Kurosawa, Kru Flan. ;)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Other Things

Now that's done, I would like to update on what I have planned for Winter Moon, and hopefully most of it will be done by the end of next week.

- I will be having a Winter Moon group soon, will be getting the Subscribe O'Matic asap, just determining how many people will actually be wanting to join, so I can decide on which package to choose.

- I will be having gift cards for sale for Winter Moon, in time for the holidays. Things have been busy in RL, so I may not have the time to go through IMs for gift requests, so hopefully this will make things easier, for the both of us.

-I only have one location in SL at the moment, but I'm seeing about getting bigger space or something, because I am definitely running out of room at my current place. And I'm an organizational freak, so it's just been itching me for a long time to get some sort of layout to put my items. This may not be something that will be done by the end of next week, but hopefully something will happen soon.

I believe that's it. Well one more announcement.

I have been getting emails the past 6 months, maybe even longer, of people interested in purchasing the Tyler Durden Collection. Good thing right? Well these people don't have SL avatars, actually they think I'm a RL manufacturer of Tyler Durden wear. So let me straighten this out now.

These items are for Second Life avatars only, it's only virtual. I am not am actual manufacturer of these items of clothing. If you had read my blog, you would have known that before constantly emailing me about purchasing the "actual" clothing. Thank you.

I'm Baaack, with Goodies!

Yes, I know much time has passed since anyone has heard from me. But I missed working in PS, so this week I have been working on some outfits that have been sitting in my sketchbook. so here you go!

I decided to piss off the masses and created a empire waist outfit, sort of. The Goldie Dress includes the jumper, gold shirt, which is with the dress or can be worn separately, the huge adorable bow, prim sleeves, and prim skirt with gold shiny buttons. Good thing about this outfit is that you can wear just about any top with the jumper, it's a good staple in your wardrobe.

Next is another outfit, a continuation on the suave line of clothing, Suave II. This subtly pinstriped catsuit comes with the white blazer, can be worn on jacket or shirt layer, prim sleeves for the blazer, prim belt, and prim legcuffs. Like with the Goldie Dress, you can wear just about any top with the catsuit, hell you can mix and match with my outfits, it's all good!

Now there are separates, this set being the Love Me Tees, brightly colored tops with frilly prim flexi sleeves, with a heart embroidered on the bottom side of the tee. Very cute for your everyday wear.

Last but not least, some screen print tees, I hadn't seen these around so I thought I would make them, in the novelty sense. For men, the tuxedo tee, and for the ladies, just a tie and suspenders tee. Great for parties and special occasions.


Skin from Tuli, Naughty Designs
Shoes from Shiny Things, 1-800 Bettie
Hair from ETD, Naughty Designs
Tattoos from EtchD
Scarf from Canimal
Gloves Unknown
Hat from ME but not available
Jeans from G.L.A.M. (is that place still around?), Sinistyle

Go to the link on the right to Tp to Winter Moon!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sidewalk Sale going on in Fashion Mode!

Hey folks, yes it's been awhile since I've posted. But I'm not gonna go into that, I'm here to make an announcement! Fashion Mode is having a sidewalk sale, going on for 24 hours starting at 5pm SL time TODAY! Basically, there will be small tables in front of the stores with selected items selling for discounted prices! For me I have 4 items that are going to be for sale...they are all selling for L100 each for a limited time! I'll list the items for you...

- The Scum outfit set! One of the top selling products in my store, originally L3oo to buy, now slashed to L100!

- Jaunty 1 1/2 HAIR! You can get ALL 20 COLORS just for L100!

- Also for sale will be the Jaunty Hat accessory! It'll be just the hat, no hair, so girls AND guys, if you ever wanted this hat for your other brand hair, this is the opportunity to grab it!

- Last but not least for the guys, will be the famous Tyler Durden Jacket collection! Get both regular and black colored jackets for only L100!

So take a look around Fashion Mode and it's surrounding areas, because it's not just my store who will be having a sidewalk sale!

Use the TP link in my blog to get on your way to Fashion Mode! If you want any more information about the sale, IM Ashlin Leandros! Thanks!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some Hair @ Winter Moon

And that's just what it is: Some Hair. Yeah my namestorming skills went kapoot this week, oh well, it doesn't matter what the name is, just look at the hair! Cute short style with flexi bits, and fringe bangs. Comes in regular colors, tips, and the newly duo colors, which I happen to love, and got inspired by a recent Dell commercial, haha. The hair isn't sold separately anymore, they come in packs of three now for $L175, and the duo colors in packs of two for $L125. There also fatpacks available, the colors and tips are together for $L800 and the duos for $L400. Go try the demos!! Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hoodies @ Winter Moon

Whew, really tired, but here goes:

Trying to do a little something different with hoodies...the hoods (and cap) are sculpted and come in different options. Also, the hair changes textures when clicked. So there are three for the ladies, and three for the guys, but the girls can easily have all of them. So thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something Different @ Winter Moon

Or how Willow says it, demure! So yeah, I decided to play dress-up here. It's called Gisele. This outfit includes two versions of the blouse, which are regular and sheer, with a skirt layered bottom, to give that poof effect, and also sculpted bellsleeves, also available in regular and sheer versions. Worn with the dress provided, it's great, but you can also mix and match the top, with jeans, skirts, other dresses, you name it!

Available now!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New @ Winter Moon

Of course there's something new, otherwise I wouldn't post! Hahaha...anyhoo, there's a good amount of goodies in this release, an sexy outfit, and hair to go with it!

Suave is the outfit, it is tres sexy! The top is an open-buttoned blouse, that comes in regular and semi-sheer, for those who want to show what underneath. ;) Wear with a lacy bra, or go without, either way, you're open for business! Also with it are some cute shorts with great detail, plus these shorts have hanging suspenders on the sides, a nice touch.

To compliment the outfit, I released three hairstyles, two with hats, one without. They each come with 20 hair color options, and the hats are scripted to change textures, just click and voila! Demos are available to try on!

Available in stores now!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth! @ Winter Moon

Ok, well these releases aren't patriotic for the occasion, but it's the next best thing; new outfits from the "Trashy Life" line! It's about time I got something out, haha. Well these outfits are nautical themed, and based on these two photos:

They are L$300 each, and you can also mix and match the two however you please! I'll tell a little about each outfit:

Nautical Waste is probably my favorite outfit ever. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm in love with the skirt, and I hope everyone else will be too. I'm proud of the poofiness and that it holds up in almost every pose, so it's very photo friendly.
Also included is a sculptie skipper hat, so I hope you enjoy that too.

Shoddy Lass, what a name eh? It's more of a pirate look, complete with a prim skull print sash, and another buccaneer sculptie hat. I tried something different with the mini-skirt, as I can't stand with just a box in between my legs, so I made a sculpted counterpart instead, for the back at least, the front is still a box. >.>

Oh and I almost forgot, I also threw in complementary sailor tattoos (made by Foley Durden) for the upper body, for both outfits. Nothing special, but just in case...

So yay for a fourth of July release, just in time! Available now at the main store and in Fashion Mode.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rawk On @ Winter Moon

Yes, something for the men, inspired by Gritty Kitty's hair, Disembodied. Rawk On is something I'm very proud of. This rawker outfit comes with a flowy, flexi prim jacket, with a sculpted collar and sculpted arm cuffs. It also comes with tight leather pants with sculpted pants legs adorned with a lock and chain. You can rawk out with this outfit, or just wear with your favorite tank and jeans for everyday wear. For those who REALLY want to rawk, there are leopard print and purple leopard print versions available, for L$350 each! Also, these are mod/trans so girlfriends can surprise their loved ones with a gift...a gift of rawk.

Available at the main store now!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well I had made absolutely no sales on the happy tee items, so I'm reducing them all to their respective fatpacks, selling for $L300. *shrug*

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Release @ Winter Moon

New tees available; "I ___ a Serial Killer" Tee Set. I kinda thought of those tshirts back then, "I dated Ashton", "I kissed Brad" so I twisted that around in the most horrible way. These are torn up tees, with six versions available, with the words, "married", "loved", "dated", "hugged", "kissed" and "screwed". There are variations on the tees; long (untucked), short, and tucked, also a version of a tank under the shirt, all on one layer only. Get the whole set for $L300, and show off your love for the criminally insane. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Tees @ Winter Moon

Wow, finally, a new release from me!

It's something simple, but not really, because I've been spending sleepless nights working on this! These are happy tees, just tshirts with cute patterns, like whales and rainbows! Also, I made the set versatile, you can wear them as a tee, or you can just be even cuter and make it a babydoll top! I know, everyone and their momma has made babydolls, I just hope this was something different.

These are sold separately or in packs, or get the ultimate fatpack for half the price of what you would have paid for everything!

Keep an eye out, much more to come!

Winter Moon
Winter Moon in Fashion Mode

Thursday, June 21, 2007

a fucking long day....

Today...I ventured into the world of sculpties. It took me ALL damn day to understand what the tutorial was talking about, AND then trying to make a shape without it messing up when uploaded to SL. Needless to say, I finally got the basics down to sculpties, and I managed to include sculptie prims in the hawt man outfit....goodbye unaligned mangy collar!
I still don't have a name for it...Billy Goblin, Goblin Idol? Goblin? Hawt Man Outfit?! Ugh my brain is dead.

I made some girly tops as well, then I started back working on the outfit. I started on the pants today...I've decided to texture the belt on the pants because well, I realize that this outfit will be over 100 prims due to me being a dumbass and did chain detail on the pants bottoms, lol! Oh lord help me...

Sometimes I feel like a spacktard for posting my stuffs for people to see. I'm not here to brag really, I just need opinions, it's hard to make things (especially when you're not that well known), and no one is around to criticize, and I've been looking at my own shit for so long I grow sick of it. This outfit really is a challenge and it'll either make me or break me in the end.

I still have a long way to I'm off to pass out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Part Two of the Wangtastical Adventures of Willow and Arbel

[12:36] You: damn we meed poseballs
[12:36] You: *need
[12:36] Willow Zander: LOL
[12:36] You: this a beautiful photo op and i'm not gonna let it go to waste!
[12:37] Willow Zander: we need to be able to sit on it properly dammit!
[12:37] You: fuuuuck
[12:39] You: yayyyy :D
[12:39] Willow Zander: HAHAA you're cross eyed too
[12:39] You: LOL!
[12:39] You: damn
[12:40] You: crap i don't like this sit lol
[12:40] Willow Zander: LOL
[12:42] You: ok there lol
[12:42] You: magical shiny penis...take one
[12:43] Willow Zander: WEEE
[12:44] Willow Zander accepted your inventory offer. (my pic)
[12:45] Willow Zander: LOL i look like im soooo bored
[12:45] You: LOL i'm i'm so happy
[12:45] Willow Zander: must be ******s penis.. oh wait, not now you've said that
[12:45] You: LOL omg
[12:45] You: i would so not be happy
[12:45] Willow Zander:
[12:46] Willow Zander: not as good as your picture tho :P thats for YOU to blog
[12:46] You: hahaha!
[12:46] You: damn this now needs a theme song
[12:46] Willow Zander: and now i must retire to bed, I HAVE to go to work tomorrow or im dead!
[12:47] You: "everyone loves the magical penis, it's so shiny, big and..what rhymes with penis..?"
[12:47] You: awwwwww okies hun!
[12:47] Willow Zander: seen us
[12:47] You: lol!
[12:47] Willow Zander: do you think its seen us, that magical shiny penis!
[12:47] You: now with the grand finale
[12:47] You: magicalllll shinyyyy PENIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
[12:47] Willow Zander: Yay!
[12:47] Willow Zander: I like penis!
[12:48] You: Yay!
[12:48] You: I like penis!
[12:48] You: Hooo!
[12:48] Willow Zander: WEE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whu Wha?

Ok, I spent all my day working on an item that appeared to me in a dream. Yes, I'm that sad, I hope to dream of new and creative designs for SL. But yes, this all originated from Noam's latest hair Disembodied. It's only...75% complete, but there it is, on the left.

Well the jacket itself is 75% complete, the whole outfit is...55% complete. I got the basic shape built out, and messed with textures, and even though I've been looking at this thing all day, all I can say is that I love it...and hate it.

Love it because it's my creation and I think it's hot and satisfactory. Hating it because, one, the primwork is not that good of quality. I lack the prim talent, and i definitely can't make collars worth shit. The prims on the collar aren't aligned and I have NO idea how to make it so...and I'm sure if I sell this, people will have problems, as far as , finding the faulty worksmanship, and having problems putting it on. This jacket is prim extensive, and those who have no idea how to work the prims will come running to me....BLAH! And also I know it probably needs more detail, I did make a gritty texture and a Guns n Roses-esque graphic on the back...but what else would it need? Can I even put them in if I wanted to? RAWR...or maybe I need to rest, or work on more simpler things I had in mind lol.

I made my av play the guitar in this jacket... I sooo love it. And I love the total look, courtesy of Gritty Kitty, EtchD, Sinistyle, and Naughty Designs.

P.S. All the time I was working, I had "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister repeatedly playing in my head.

P.S.S I heard there were probs with the pic loading, so I uploaded again, hope it works this time.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I managed to get all my contract work done in ONE DAY! I'm so happy that I was able to concentrate on my work, usually I can't sit at the computer for so long, especially lately, since I haven't been on for a few weeks. All that's left is the approval and payment, yay for money!

So now I can move on to happy fun "me" stuffs. Right now I'm gonna start working on men's clothes. And I think it was also the time to update the look on my man bits. After some tweaking, I was satisfied, and I went off to play (no dirty stuff peoples!).

Me in drag...sweet, hawt drag...

I'm ready for the beach! Gotta love that spread....

Ok, playtime's over, time to work! WHEEEE!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Yes I'm back! Got settled in, and spent a few weeks with my baby. There were laughs, fights, and tears, especially recently, cuz my baby's now gone. :( Usually it takes me a week to stop crying when I think about him, so I'll be good soon.
9 months ahhhhh, what am I gonna do? Well, during my "vacation" I came up with some good ideas for men and women's clothing, sketchy sketchy. So after I get my contract out the way, I will start the making of the fun stuffs. So stay tuned, I might need your opinions on things. ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time to Get Crackin'

Well, only two weeks left until I move, so things are hectic right now. As far as business goes, I doubt I'll have anything major out soon. I'm "contracted"with a RL organization right now, so as soon as I get settled in moving, I'll start on that project and keep working until the end of July. time in SL will be little to none, and if so, it would be for business purposes only.

Get over it.

Like always, if I do magically pull a product out my ass, I'll post.

Until then.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Freebie @ Winter Moon

Decided to make a small freebie, some Winter Moon branded tees, one with logo, one without. Inworld only.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Winter Moon has another location, now at .::Fashion Mode::., a great shopping place full of great designers. Home to Haute Monde Salon, and also housing /artilleri/, Surf Couture, Lovey's Boutique and more!

Also I said before I've been working on new ads, vendors, etc. I just want to show a few examples. Mostly the reason I did them because my ads needed to be more creative and it would give me the opportunity to undo my vendor faux pas, like....

selling everything separately, and in this case, without a model. But now...



And also because my ads were in desperate need of an update, such as...


So hopefully this will appease the masses.

And everything is back up with updated ads in SlExchange and SLBoutique...thanks!