Friday, July 13, 2007

New @ Winter Moon

Of course there's something new, otherwise I wouldn't post! Hahaha...anyhoo, there's a good amount of goodies in this release, an sexy outfit, and hair to go with it!

Suave is the outfit, it is tres sexy! The top is an open-buttoned blouse, that comes in regular and semi-sheer, for those who want to show what underneath. ;) Wear with a lacy bra, or go without, either way, you're open for business! Also with it are some cute shorts with great detail, plus these shorts have hanging suspenders on the sides, a nice touch.

To compliment the outfit, I released three hairstyles, two with hats, one without. They each come with 20 hair color options, and the hats are scripted to change textures, just click and voila! Demos are available to try on!

Available in stores now!


Ana Lutetia said...

Sexy and sweet! Lovely! <3

Arbel Vogel said...

Thank you! :D