Friday, November 30, 2007

Other Things

Now that's done, I would like to update on what I have planned for Winter Moon, and hopefully most of it will be done by the end of next week.

- I will be having a Winter Moon group soon, will be getting the Subscribe O'Matic asap, just determining how many people will actually be wanting to join, so I can decide on which package to choose.

- I will be having gift cards for sale for Winter Moon, in time for the holidays. Things have been busy in RL, so I may not have the time to go through IMs for gift requests, so hopefully this will make things easier, for the both of us.

-I only have one location in SL at the moment, but I'm seeing about getting bigger space or something, because I am definitely running out of room at my current place. And I'm an organizational freak, so it's just been itching me for a long time to get some sort of layout to put my items. This may not be something that will be done by the end of next week, but hopefully something will happen soon.

I believe that's it. Well one more announcement.

I have been getting emails the past 6 months, maybe even longer, of people interested in purchasing the Tyler Durden Collection. Good thing right? Well these people don't have SL avatars, actually they think I'm a RL manufacturer of Tyler Durden wear. So let me straighten this out now.

These items are for Second Life avatars only, it's only virtual. I am not am actual manufacturer of these items of clothing. If you had read my blog, you would have known that before constantly emailing me about purchasing the "actual" clothing. Thank you.

I'm Baaack, with Goodies!

Yes, I know much time has passed since anyone has heard from me. But I missed working in PS, so this week I have been working on some outfits that have been sitting in my sketchbook. so here you go!

I decided to piss off the masses and created a empire waist outfit, sort of. The Goldie Dress includes the jumper, gold shirt, which is with the dress or can be worn separately, the huge adorable bow, prim sleeves, and prim skirt with gold shiny buttons. Good thing about this outfit is that you can wear just about any top with the jumper, it's a good staple in your wardrobe.

Next is another outfit, a continuation on the suave line of clothing, Suave II. This subtly pinstriped catsuit comes with the white blazer, can be worn on jacket or shirt layer, prim sleeves for the blazer, prim belt, and prim legcuffs. Like with the Goldie Dress, you can wear just about any top with the catsuit, hell you can mix and match with my outfits, it's all good!

Now there are separates, this set being the Love Me Tees, brightly colored tops with frilly prim flexi sleeves, with a heart embroidered on the bottom side of the tee. Very cute for your everyday wear.

Last but not least, some screen print tees, I hadn't seen these around so I thought I would make them, in the novelty sense. For men, the tuxedo tee, and for the ladies, just a tie and suspenders tee. Great for parties and special occasions.


Skin from Tuli, Naughty Designs
Shoes from Shiny Things, 1-800 Bettie
Hair from ETD, Naughty Designs
Tattoos from EtchD
Scarf from Canimal
Gloves Unknown
Hat from ME but not available
Jeans from G.L.A.M. (is that place still around?), Sinistyle

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007