Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rawk On @ Winter Moon

Yes, something for the men, inspired by Gritty Kitty's hair, Disembodied. Rawk On is something I'm very proud of. This rawker outfit comes with a flowy, flexi prim jacket, with a sculpted collar and sculpted arm cuffs. It also comes with tight leather pants with sculpted pants legs adorned with a lock and chain. You can rawk out with this outfit, or just wear with your favorite tank and jeans for everyday wear. For those who REALLY want to rawk, there are leopard print and purple leopard print versions available, for L$350 each! Also, these are mod/trans so girlfriends can surprise their loved ones with a gift...a gift of rawk.

Available at the main store now!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well I had made absolutely no sales on the happy tee items, so I'm reducing them all to their respective fatpacks, selling for $L300. *shrug*

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Release @ Winter Moon

New tees available; "I ___ a Serial Killer" Tee Set. I kinda thought of those tshirts back then, "I dated Ashton", "I kissed Brad" so I twisted that around in the most horrible way. These are torn up tees, with six versions available, with the words, "married", "loved", "dated", "hugged", "kissed" and "screwed". There are variations on the tees; long (untucked), short, and tucked, also a version of a tank under the shirt, all on one layer only. Get the whole set for $L300, and show off your love for the criminally insane. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Tees @ Winter Moon

Wow, finally, a new release from me!

It's something simple, but not really, because I've been spending sleepless nights working on this! These are happy tees, just tshirts with cute patterns, like whales and rainbows! Also, I made the set versatile, you can wear them as a tee, or you can just be even cuter and make it a babydoll top! I know, everyone and their momma has made babydolls, I just hope this was something different.

These are sold separately or in packs, or get the ultimate fatpack for half the price of what you would have paid for everything!

Keep an eye out, much more to come!

Winter Moon
Winter Moon in Fashion Mode

Thursday, June 21, 2007

a fucking long day....

Today...I ventured into the world of sculpties. It took me ALL damn day to understand what the tutorial was talking about, AND then trying to make a shape without it messing up when uploaded to SL. Needless to say, I finally got the basics down to sculpties, and I managed to include sculptie prims in the hawt man outfit....goodbye unaligned mangy collar!
I still don't have a name for it...Billy Goblin, Goblin Idol? Goblin? Hawt Man Outfit?! Ugh my brain is dead.

I made some girly tops as well, then I started back working on the outfit. I started on the pants today...I've decided to texture the belt on the pants because well, I realize that this outfit will be over 100 prims due to me being a dumbass and did chain detail on the pants bottoms, lol! Oh lord help me...

Sometimes I feel like a spacktard for posting my stuffs for people to see. I'm not here to brag really, I just need opinions, it's hard to make things (especially when you're not that well known), and no one is around to criticize, and I've been looking at my own shit for so long I grow sick of it. This outfit really is a challenge and it'll either make me or break me in the end.

I still have a long way to I'm off to pass out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Part Two of the Wangtastical Adventures of Willow and Arbel

[12:36] You: damn we meed poseballs
[12:36] You: *need
[12:36] Willow Zander: LOL
[12:36] You: this a beautiful photo op and i'm not gonna let it go to waste!
[12:37] Willow Zander: we need to be able to sit on it properly dammit!
[12:37] You: fuuuuck
[12:39] You: yayyyy :D
[12:39] Willow Zander: HAHAA you're cross eyed too
[12:39] You: LOL!
[12:39] You: damn
[12:40] You: crap i don't like this sit lol
[12:40] Willow Zander: LOL
[12:42] You: ok there lol
[12:42] You: magical shiny penis...take one
[12:43] Willow Zander: WEEE
[12:44] Willow Zander accepted your inventory offer. (my pic)
[12:45] Willow Zander: LOL i look like im soooo bored
[12:45] You: LOL i'm i'm so happy
[12:45] Willow Zander: must be ******s penis.. oh wait, not now you've said that
[12:45] You: LOL omg
[12:45] You: i would so not be happy
[12:45] Willow Zander:
[12:46] Willow Zander: not as good as your picture tho :P thats for YOU to blog
[12:46] You: hahaha!
[12:46] You: damn this now needs a theme song
[12:46] Willow Zander: and now i must retire to bed, I HAVE to go to work tomorrow or im dead!
[12:47] You: "everyone loves the magical penis, it's so shiny, big and..what rhymes with penis..?"
[12:47] You: awwwwww okies hun!
[12:47] Willow Zander: seen us
[12:47] You: lol!
[12:47] Willow Zander: do you think its seen us, that magical shiny penis!
[12:47] You: now with the grand finale
[12:47] You: magicalllll shinyyyy PENIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
[12:47] Willow Zander: Yay!
[12:47] Willow Zander: I like penis!
[12:48] You: Yay!
[12:48] You: I like penis!
[12:48] You: Hooo!
[12:48] Willow Zander: WEE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whu Wha?

Ok, I spent all my day working on an item that appeared to me in a dream. Yes, I'm that sad, I hope to dream of new and creative designs for SL. But yes, this all originated from Noam's latest hair Disembodied. It's only...75% complete, but there it is, on the left.

Well the jacket itself is 75% complete, the whole outfit is...55% complete. I got the basic shape built out, and messed with textures, and even though I've been looking at this thing all day, all I can say is that I love it...and hate it.

Love it because it's my creation and I think it's hot and satisfactory. Hating it because, one, the primwork is not that good of quality. I lack the prim talent, and i definitely can't make collars worth shit. The prims on the collar aren't aligned and I have NO idea how to make it so...and I'm sure if I sell this, people will have problems, as far as , finding the faulty worksmanship, and having problems putting it on. This jacket is prim extensive, and those who have no idea how to work the prims will come running to me....BLAH! And also I know it probably needs more detail, I did make a gritty texture and a Guns n Roses-esque graphic on the back...but what else would it need? Can I even put them in if I wanted to? RAWR...or maybe I need to rest, or work on more simpler things I had in mind lol.

I made my av play the guitar in this jacket... I sooo love it. And I love the total look, courtesy of Gritty Kitty, EtchD, Sinistyle, and Naughty Designs.

P.S. All the time I was working, I had "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister repeatedly playing in my head.

P.S.S I heard there were probs with the pic loading, so I uploaded again, hope it works this time.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I managed to get all my contract work done in ONE DAY! I'm so happy that I was able to concentrate on my work, usually I can't sit at the computer for so long, especially lately, since I haven't been on for a few weeks. All that's left is the approval and payment, yay for money!

So now I can move on to happy fun "me" stuffs. Right now I'm gonna start working on men's clothes. And I think it was also the time to update the look on my man bits. After some tweaking, I was satisfied, and I went off to play (no dirty stuff peoples!).

Me in drag...sweet, hawt drag...

I'm ready for the beach! Gotta love that spread....

Ok, playtime's over, time to work! WHEEEE!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Yes I'm back! Got settled in, and spent a few weeks with my baby. There were laughs, fights, and tears, especially recently, cuz my baby's now gone. :( Usually it takes me a week to stop crying when I think about him, so I'll be good soon.
9 months ahhhhh, what am I gonna do? Well, during my "vacation" I came up with some good ideas for men and women's clothing, sketchy sketchy. So after I get my contract out the way, I will start the making of the fun stuffs. So stay tuned, I might need your opinions on things. ;)