Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Part Two of the Wangtastical Adventures of Willow and Arbel

[12:36] You: damn we meed poseballs
[12:36] You: *need
[12:36] Willow Zander: LOL
[12:36] You: this a beautiful photo op and i'm not gonna let it go to waste!
[12:37] Willow Zander: we need to be able to sit on it properly dammit!
[12:37] You: fuuuuck
[12:39] You: yayyyy :D
[12:39] Willow Zander: HAHAA you're cross eyed too
[12:39] You: LOL!
[12:39] You: damn
[12:40] You: crap i don't like this sit lol
[12:40] Willow Zander: LOL
[12:42] You: ok there lol
[12:42] You: magical shiny penis...take one
[12:43] Willow Zander: WEEE
[12:44] Willow Zander accepted your inventory offer. (my pic)
[12:45] Willow Zander: LOL i look like im soooo bored
[12:45] You: LOL i'm i'm so happy
[12:45] Willow Zander: must be ******s penis.. oh wait, not now you've said that
[12:45] You: LOL omg
[12:45] You: i would so not be happy
[12:45] Willow Zander:
[12:46] Willow Zander: not as good as your picture tho :P thats for YOU to blog
[12:46] You: hahaha!
[12:46] You: damn this now needs a theme song
[12:46] Willow Zander: and now i must retire to bed, I HAVE to go to work tomorrow or im dead!
[12:47] You: "everyone loves the magical penis, it's so shiny, big and..what rhymes with penis..?"
[12:47] You: awwwwww okies hun!
[12:47] Willow Zander: seen us
[12:47] You: lol!
[12:47] Willow Zander: do you think its seen us, that magical shiny penis!
[12:47] You: now with the grand finale
[12:47] You: magicalllll shinyyyy PENIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
[12:47] Willow Zander: Yay!
[12:47] Willow Zander: I like penis!
[12:48] You: Yay!
[12:48] You: I like penis!
[12:48] You: Hooo!
[12:48] Willow Zander: WEE!

1 comment:

Willis said...

I so wish I could have been drunk at that point, we could have had SO much fun!!!

I can't BELIEVE we couldn't make it physical, typical penis >:(