Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rawk On @ Winter Moon

Yes, something for the men, inspired by Gritty Kitty's hair, Disembodied. Rawk On is something I'm very proud of. This rawker outfit comes with a flowy, flexi prim jacket, with a sculpted collar and sculpted arm cuffs. It also comes with tight leather pants with sculpted pants legs adorned with a lock and chain. You can rawk out with this outfit, or just wear with your favorite tank and jeans for everyday wear. For those who REALLY want to rawk, there are leopard print and purple leopard print versions available, for L$350 each! Also, these are mod/trans so girlfriends can surprise their loved ones with a gift...a gift of rawk.

Available at the main store now!


Sinjun said...

I must own this! Totally hawt!

Krius Misfit said...

I want to Rawk out, with my Cawk out ... And hang out with my ... nevermind! If Dudes wear this girls should just drop panties around them, Must Buy!

Willis said...

hubba HUBBA, will you have my bubba?

Ok, that doesn't work but YAY! Rawkin indeeeed!

Arbel Vogel said...

Yay thank you!

*makes the sign of the devil, sticks out her tongue and rawks out*