Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sidewalk Sale going on in Fashion Mode!

Hey folks, yes it's been awhile since I've posted. But I'm not gonna go into that, I'm here to make an announcement! Fashion Mode is having a sidewalk sale, going on for 24 hours starting at 5pm SL time TODAY! Basically, there will be small tables in front of the stores with selected items selling for discounted prices! For me I have 4 items that are going to be for sale...they are all selling for L100 each for a limited time! I'll list the items for you...

- The Scum outfit set! One of the top selling products in my store, originally L3oo to buy, now slashed to L100!

- Jaunty 1 1/2 HAIR! You can get ALL 20 COLORS just for L100!

- Also for sale will be the Jaunty Hat accessory! It'll be just the hat, no hair, so girls AND guys, if you ever wanted this hat for your other brand hair, this is the opportunity to grab it!

- Last but not least for the guys, will be the famous Tyler Durden Jacket collection! Get both regular and black colored jackets for only L100!

So take a look around Fashion Mode and it's surrounding areas, because it's not just my store who will be having a sidewalk sale!

Use the TP link in my blog to get on your way to Fashion Mode! If you want any more information about the sale, IM Ashlin Leandros! Thanks!