Friday, July 27, 2007

Hoodies @ Winter Moon

Whew, really tired, but here goes:

Trying to do a little something different with hoodies...the hoods (and cap) are sculpted and come in different options. Also, the hair changes textures when clicked. So there are three for the ladies, and three for the guys, but the girls can easily have all of them. So thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something Different @ Winter Moon

Or how Willow says it, demure! So yeah, I decided to play dress-up here. It's called Gisele. This outfit includes two versions of the blouse, which are regular and sheer, with a skirt layered bottom, to give that poof effect, and also sculpted bellsleeves, also available in regular and sheer versions. Worn with the dress provided, it's great, but you can also mix and match the top, with jeans, skirts, other dresses, you name it!

Available now!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New @ Winter Moon

Of course there's something new, otherwise I wouldn't post! Hahaha...anyhoo, there's a good amount of goodies in this release, an sexy outfit, and hair to go with it!

Suave is the outfit, it is tres sexy! The top is an open-buttoned blouse, that comes in regular and semi-sheer, for those who want to show what underneath. ;) Wear with a lacy bra, or go without, either way, you're open for business! Also with it are some cute shorts with great detail, plus these shorts have hanging suspenders on the sides, a nice touch.

To compliment the outfit, I released three hairstyles, two with hats, one without. They each come with 20 hair color options, and the hats are scripted to change textures, just click and voila! Demos are available to try on!

Available in stores now!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth! @ Winter Moon

Ok, well these releases aren't patriotic for the occasion, but it's the next best thing; new outfits from the "Trashy Life" line! It's about time I got something out, haha. Well these outfits are nautical themed, and based on these two photos:

They are L$300 each, and you can also mix and match the two however you please! I'll tell a little about each outfit:

Nautical Waste is probably my favorite outfit ever. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm in love with the skirt, and I hope everyone else will be too. I'm proud of the poofiness and that it holds up in almost every pose, so it's very photo friendly.
Also included is a sculptie skipper hat, so I hope you enjoy that too.

Shoddy Lass, what a name eh? It's more of a pirate look, complete with a prim skull print sash, and another buccaneer sculptie hat. I tried something different with the mini-skirt, as I can't stand with just a box in between my legs, so I made a sculpted counterpart instead, for the back at least, the front is still a box. >.>

Oh and I almost forgot, I also threw in complementary sailor tattoos (made by Foley Durden) for the upper body, for both outfits. Nothing special, but just in case...

So yay for a fourth of July release, just in time! Available now at the main store and in Fashion Mode.