Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whu Wha?

Ok, I spent all my day working on an item that appeared to me in a dream. Yes, I'm that sad, I hope to dream of new and creative designs for SL. But yes, this all originated from Noam's latest hair Disembodied. It's only...75% complete, but there it is, on the left.

Well the jacket itself is 75% complete, the whole outfit is...55% complete. I got the basic shape built out, and messed with textures, and even though I've been looking at this thing all day, all I can say is that I love it...and hate it.

Love it because it's my creation and I think it's hot and satisfactory. Hating it because, one, the primwork is not that good of quality. I lack the prim talent, and i definitely can't make collars worth shit. The prims on the collar aren't aligned and I have NO idea how to make it so...and I'm sure if I sell this, people will have problems, as far as , finding the faulty worksmanship, and having problems putting it on. This jacket is prim extensive, and those who have no idea how to work the prims will come running to me....BLAH! And also I know it probably needs more detail, I did make a gritty texture and a Guns n Roses-esque graphic on the back...but what else would it need? Can I even put them in if I wanted to? RAWR...or maybe I need to rest, or work on more simpler things I had in mind lol.

I made my av play the guitar in this jacket... I sooo love it. And I love the total look, courtesy of Gritty Kitty, EtchD, Sinistyle, and Naughty Designs.

P.S. All the time I was working, I had "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister repeatedly playing in my head.

P.S.S I heard there were probs with the pic loading, so I uploaded again, hope it works this time.


Willis said...

I missed you today, i've been pooooorly and sleepy! :(

Noam said...

Ok after discussing the coolness of this with Trinitee, I have decided that this jacket is like if Jared the goblin king and Billy Idol's jacket had a baby jacket.