Thursday, December 6, 2007


Ok, well I managed to get a few things done this week:

- I got my Winter Moon Group up and running! Just pop over to the store and click on the Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk to join. For now the group can hold 100 members, and right now 12 has signed up! Expect updates, sales announcements, and free exclusive gifts! Actually my first gift is out, to celebrate the start of the group. *points to left*

- I also got a store card system up for the store! Now everyone can shop happily for the holidays! The card system is from Together Designs by Escort Defarge! Easy to setup, great customer service, and it works really well. Any business looking for something like this, this is it. Click on the card vendor in my store for more information.

I think that's it for now. Things have been so crazy in Rl, I'm surprised I got this done. But keep checking in! :)

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