Friday, December 7, 2007

Arbel le stupid

Ok, hi! Unfortunately those who just joined my update group will have to wait until the evening to get thier gift, because of dumb ol' me, I forgot to change the permissions on my object, thus it can't redeliver. Bang bang goes my head on the desk, haha. I'll be at my computer later on this evening to fix the problem, until then, hang in there, and I'm SO SORRY!

UPDATE: Omg you guys are crazy, there are now over 100 members in the group, and I was forced to upgrade it to 200 members max now. ;P Shame on you!!! Besides that, the item delivery problem is now fixed....hopefully....I can't test it out at the moment, but if any problems come up, just IM me. Thanks for your patience! :)


Mo Miasma said...

Arbel le rocking:D
This is what i call freebie, long live Arbel!
tnx XD

Arbel Vogel said...

Wheee! Ty :)

Willis said...

I am stalking you, WHERE ARE YOIU?!